The Form of Indonesian Support to the Palestinian Independence Struggle 1955-1963

  • Widya Nugraha Universitas Indonesia
  • Agus Setiawan
Keywords: Sukarno’s ideas,, struggle for independence, form of support, Palestine


This article aims to analyze Sukarno’s ideas which influenced Indonesias foreign policy in 1955-1963. The focus of the discussion was on the form of Indonesian support in the process of the struggle for Palestinian independence. This study uses historical methods consisting of heuristics or data collection from contemporary state documents; books relating to research topics; and published international documents. In the results of the study, it was found that the relationship between Indonesia and Palestine had been established since Indonesia was not yet independent. In recognition of Indonesias sovereignty, the Palestinian people also contributed to supporting Indonesias independence. During the Sukarno era, support for the struggle for Palestinian independence was carried out in various forms, one of which was in the form of resistance to colonialism and imperialism. Through the idea of anti-colonialism and imperialism, Sukarno aims to unite all parties through a middle way.



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